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Michael Pritchard (AKA Pen-y-Fan)

Michael Pritchard (AKA Pen-y-Fan)

Posts about my coding experiences.


How to run cron jobs on Windows

·8 mins
Laragon 6 added the ability to run cron jobs. Here is an example on how to run them on Windows using Cronical.

How I upgraded eight PHP katas

·20 mins
I recently upgrade eight PHP Katas from a minimum PHP 7.3 to a minimum of PHP 8.0. I used Rector, Easy Coding Standard (ECS) and PhpStan to help me. This is how I approached the upgrade and used these tools.

How to update the PHP version in Laragon

·9 mins
Updating the version of PHP is probably the most common change I make in Laragon. The ability to switch from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2 in a few clicks is Laragon’s magic