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How to run cron jobs on Windows

·8 mins
Laragon 6 added the ability to run cron jobs. Here is an example on how to run them on Windows using Cronical.

How I upgraded eight PHP katas

·20 mins
I recently upgrade eight PHP Katas from a minimum PHP 7.3 to a minimum of PHP 8.0. I used Rector, Easy Coding Standard (ECS) and PhpStan to help me. This is how I approached the upgrade and used these tools.

How to update the PHP version in Laragon

·9 mins
Updating the version of PHP is probably the most common change I make in Laragon. The ability to switch from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2 in a few clicks is Laragon’s magic


My developer content recommendations

·4 mins
This is my curated and opinionated list on how I try to keep up to date with what’s going on in software development and in particular PHP.

How to Install NGINX Unit on WSL 2 (Ubuntu)

·7 mins
I wanted to experiment with NGINX unit as it offers the ability to specify the runtime for the project, this will be particularly useful when some projects are PHP 7.4, some PHP 8.0 and others PHP 8.1. This guide explains how to install NGINX unit on Windows WSL 2

Migrating my Hexo blog to Hugo

·4 mins
This is my first post using Hugo static site generator, following the successful migration of my hexo site to Hugo